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Incorporating a company is nothing more than creating a legal entity that is recognized independently from its owners under the law. As an independent entity under the law, a company can be held legally liable for its actions and debts, it is able to enter into contracts, leases and even lawsuits.
Although not, corporations are recognized with the same rights and responsibilities under the law as individuals. They can also exercise human rights against the people and the state, and may be responsible for violations of human rights.

+ • What happens if I realize there is a mistake in my application after I placed my Order?

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+ • What if I have an LLC and I want to convert it to a Subchapter S Corporation?
+ • Can I do that or do I need a new Corporation?

+ • What happens if I live outside the United States and I want to open a Company in the states?

+ • What if I want to expand my business to another state?

+ • What information do you need to complete my incorporation?

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+ • What are the most common types of incorporation?

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+ • What is a Nom Profit Organization?

+ • What is Limited Liability Company?

+ • You have a question that is not listed above or you want more information on a subject?

+ • Hago parte de una organización no profit y se desea agregar un nuevo integrante y sacar a otro. ¿Qué debemos hacer? (This question will appear in Spanish until it be processed by our moderator)

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