Manage Your Company/Filling Forms:

Corporate Forms:

Annual Report:

An annual Report is a publication that must provide to owners (shareholders) to describe their operations and financial conditions. The report should contain detailed financial and operational information.

Certificate of Good Standing:

Certificate of Good Standing or Certificate of Existence is a document to prove the corporation u organization is incorporated and authorized to transact business in the state of jurisdiction. The "good standing" status means that the entity is current with the filing requirements of the secretary of state and also with any corporate franchise taxes in that jurisdiction.

Change of Registered Agent:

Change of Registered Agent requires of a form that should be submited to notify that the registered agent will be changed.

Foreign Qualification:

It is a legal permission for an entity u organization to do business in a state different than the original or home state.


Amendments must be filed and submitted to the correspondent state agency when any formal changes to the corporation or entity. Amendments are required when an entity do changes as its name, the number or par value of authorized shares, contact information, its business purpose, etc.

Dissolution Form:

It is a Form that is submitted to the state`s of incorporation notifying the corporation dissolution