C Corporation:

C- Corporation is the most known legal entity formed in the United States. They are formed under state law and taxed under subchapter C of the Internal Revenue Code. Corporations are considered separate entity from its owners for all legal purpose.

C Corporation Advantages:

  • Liability Limited to Business Assets
  • Potential Public Corporation
  • Need for Venture Capital
  • No Residency Required


S Corporation:

S Corporation is a closely-held corporation formed under state law that is taxed as if it were a partnership or other "pass through" entity. The net income of an "S" corporation, unlike a "C" corporation, is not taxed at the corporate level, but rather "passes through" to the shareholders, who report all corporation net income directly on their personal tax returns.

S Corporation Advantages:

  • Liability Limited to Business Assets
  • Pass Through Taxation
  • Salary and Dividend Payments


Non Profits:

Non-Profit Organizations, established primarily for a public benefit, do not distribute excess profits to its members or shareholders. Capital generated from services provided by the non-profit corporation must be used and reinvested in the company to further the corporation's purpose. Non-profits are most commonly created for a charitable, educational, or religious purpose.

NonProfits Advantages:

  • Liability Limited to Business Assets
  • Potential eligibility for grants
  • Potential Tax-Exempt Status
  • Potential Tax Deductible Donations

Limited Liability Company

Limited Liability Company:

Limited Liability Companies- LLC, share the most attractive attributes of corporations and partnerships making it the most popular legal entity for small businesses. LCC's afford limited liability to the owners while still avoiding corporate taxation.

LLC Advantages:

  • Liability Limited to Business Assets
  • Pass through taxation
  • No State or US residency requirement
  • Less Corporate formalities and paperwork

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